So, it’s happening, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. There is a Dothraki hoard of students coming my way in five days which will not let up until mid-December. And I am not ready. I’ve been at this job approximately two-and-a-half months learning everything I need to know to lead my department through the upcoming battle (i.e. semester) and I do not feel like I can possibly be prepared enough. Outwardly, I’ve been trying to keep it chill. Trying to be as Dudeist as I can about it, but the closer I get the more inadequate I’m feeling. I’m fine with the day-to-day stuff, but if anyone asks me anything out of the ordinary I freeze up and go blank. It’s less that I don’t know the answer and more that I’m not confident in the answer I want to give.

No one is harder on me than myself, so I’m probably just being melodramatic again. I’ve got a talented group of people working for me and supporting me, so I’m not going to be completely out to sea on this, but they’re going to be just as busy as I am and may not be available to me when I need the most help. Unfortunately, there’s not good way to prepare for this other than learning the basic skills, which I have. The rest is about keeping your head and paying attention when others are doing something you don’t know. We just have to put our heads down and push through this.


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