This Is [for] 2020.

In December 2018 I did my first “resolutions” post. I guess it’s time for the scorecard.

There were ten modest goals that I set for myself, and frankly, I sucked at them. To be fair to myself, though, I had some significant changes in my personal life that made it more difficult than usual to do things, but also, I really didn’t put effort into several of them.

  1. Actually meet or exceed my yearly reading goal. Goal was 17. I’m currently sitting at 5. My reading time was spent watching TV and playing games on my phone or iPad.
  2. Do real exercise 3 times a week. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Funny.
  3. Cut alcohol and red meat by 50%. Okay, I actually think I made progress on the red meat part, here. It wasn’t 50%, by any stretch, but probably around 25%. The alcohol thing has gone back and forth. Probably a wash.
  4. Visit a National Park I’ve not been to before. No excuses here. We just didn’t get this done. Although, we did walk the new Arch Grounds in St. Louis, but that wasn’t a place we hadn’t been to before.
  5. Complete 3 professional development courses. I’m calling this a win! — YAY! I GOT ONE! — I attended the ALA Leadership Institute, a class for my CE Leadership Certificate, and a webinar on library closing procedures.
  6. Complete 2 courses. FAILED!
  7. Average 3 hours a week on professional reading. I had periods where I was doing more of this, but 3 hours was really too much to try for, reasonably. Going to modify this goal for this year.
  8. Complete the Algebra unit at Khan Academy. I’ve really given up on this one. There are much more fun things I can learn. I can learn the math when I need to.
  9. Play pool at least once a month. Only did this a few times. Definitely keeping this goal, though. It’s too damn fun to stop.
  10. Build more furniture for our apartment. Yes, and yes. We didn’t build as much as we wanted, but, we DID build a bed and it’s freaking awesome. We’ve got a bunch of ideas and better tools with which to do it. I can’t wait.

Okay, that was 2019. My goals for 2020 are going to be in the same vein. And while I’m going to keep these, as is, I’m going to try to think about them in a different way. I set some personal goals based on time spent doing things. My hope is that by concentrating on how I spend my time I’ll approach achievement as a byproduct and not the valued goal. I’m wondering if that’s a less self-judgy way to approach this rather than putting so much weight on the accomplishments themselves. We’ll see…

  1. New reading goal — 10: Read ten books in 2020. That’s less than one a month. Surely I can manage that, right?
  2. Lose ten pounds: I know weight does not equal health, but I’ve got a paunchy dad-bod and I need to see to that.
  3. Cut alcohol and red meat by 50%: Seriously, guys, I’ve gotta do that if I’m going to have a quality late-life.
  4. Visit a National Park I’ve not been to before: We live a day’s drive, or less, from all of the most famous national parks, plus several others, and I’ve not ever been to most of them. I feel shame.
  5. Complete my Continuing Education Leadership certification: I really have no excuse here. Work pays for it. It literally only costs me time.
  6. Complete 1 LinkedIn Learning course: Look, I HATE LinkedIn and hate that they bought, but dammit, those courses are really good. Work pays for those, too.
  7. Average 2 hours a week in professional reading: This will help with #1 above, but also will apply to project research and other job-related reading.
  8. Play pool at least once a month: Stalking porcelain balls around a felted table is truly one of my favorite things in life. I have no excuse for not doing it more. Maybe one day I’ll even be good at it.
  9. Build more furniture for our apartment: We got the bed done. Now we want to build new litter box covers, end tables, a coffee table, a buffet, night stands, over-bed storage, floating shelves, book shelves, cat climbs, a dining table…the list goes on.
  10. Go hiking or camping at least once a month: Another healthy goal for both my mind and body. Forest bathing is a real thing, folks. Take advantage of it.
  11. Average one damn post a month: I only published 8 posts all last year. My original goal for this blog was once a week. I didn’t even do one a month in 2019. Even if all the posts aren’t gangbusters, at least produce something, gosh darnnit.
  12. Make substantial progress on my novel: I’ve got a potentially great novel in my files and I really believe in it. I need to finish that draft and see what I can do with it. Perhaps I can double the word count? I don’t know. I don’t want to get too specific about it. But dammit it’s too good an idea to let dust settle on it.

Oh, hey! This post mean’s I’m 1/12 of the way done with goal #11. Look at that! Off to a great start!

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