Jeffrey Berkbigler

When I’m not in a library I’m usually home. Duh. When I’m not either place, I’m probably at the grocery store. If I’m still not there, then I’m likely camping with my wife, DeLyle. In past career attempts I’ve tried to be a record engineer and an Episcopal priest — not at the same time — but librarianship is really the only career shoe that’s ever fit. I don’t read as many books as you’d think but you can track my reading at Goodreads.com. My favorite living authors are Neil Gaiman, Christopher Moore, Mary Roach, and David Sloan Wilson. Carl Sagan is my intellectual hero. I used to be an amateur actor. I can’t sing or dance, but will anyway at the slightest suggestion. I wish I had Marvin Gaye‘s voice and Van Morrison‘s catalog.

You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram, too. If you find me on Facebook, great, but I’m not going to friend you unless I actually know you.

Every time my father ever saw me off to school, or anywhere, he’d always say, “Make it a good day,” so, that’s what I’m saying to you. Be kind, and make it a good day.


P.S.: I’m well aware that Tales of a Librarian is also the name of a Tori Amos record, but since I’ve been a fan of hers since 1996 I’m fine with the association.